The Sunnyside Micro-School educationally and emotionally supports gifted and twice-exceptional students as they develop their talents and abilities. We do this in two key ways: Firstly, we provide one-on-one educational coaching in the areas of math and language arts. Secondly, we offer an inclusive and compassionate Maker learning environment that values freedom, choice, and creativity. 

We believe that when freedom and growth are held in equal esteem, gifted and twice-exceptional children thrive.

Sunnyside Micro-School is located in the Lakeshore neighborhood of Oakland, CA. We invite learners to find their best-fit schedule by enrolling for three, four, or five days a week.
The Sunnyside Micro-School is founded and led by Jade Ann Rivera. Jade is an educator specializing in building micro-schools for gifted and twice-exceptional learners. In 2016, her book Micro-Schools: Creating Personalized Learning on a Budget was released by GHF Press. 

That same year she was recognized by the California Association for the Gifted for her distinguished service. Jade’s training in Nonviolent Communication and her Montessori credential inspire her educational philosophies and practices. She graduated with a degree in Chemistry, in 2002, from The Evergreen State College. 

Shortly after, she was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship for study in Thailand. After a brief, successful, yet unfulfilling career as a chemist, she made the switch to alternative education. Jade’s been designing dynamic, out-of-the-box learning environments ever since. 
The Sunnyside Micro-School is committed to your child’s creativity, growth, choice, and community/self connection. As such, we offer a project-based learning environment with a heavy emphasis on science, engineering, and creativity. To build resilience and critical thinking, we also relate our daily explorations and interactions to the tenets of Design Thinking. We value the connection and emotional literacy possible through our school wide practice of Nonviolent Communication and Montessori methods. Additionally, students have the opportunity to learn one-on-one with a highly skilled educator in the areas of math and language arts, for one hour or two half-hour sessions for each subject, each week.

At Sunnyside Micro-School, we provide the necessary space for learners to develop a strong sense of purpose. In addition, we include the modeling, accountability, and guidance necessary for gifted and twice-exceptional children to thrive as self-directed learners. Our commitment to this ideal is the backbone of our group work periods. 

Of course, students come to us with varying skill levels and experiences, and as such, our projects are deeply differentiated to accommodate a range of learners. This is how we accommodate asynchronous learning in a group setting.
Students have the opportunity to learn one-on-one with a highly skilled educator in the areas of math and language arts, for one hour or two half-hour sessions for each subject, each week. Our approach to this one-on-one work is highly individualized and responsive to meet the needs of your child. 

At the core of our vision and mission are three values: connection, creativity, and growth. We ensure that we stay on mission and in service to our vision through formative- and self-assessments, along with Reggio Emilia documentation and Montessori style observation. One of the benefits of a project-based learning environment is that there are no artificial boundaries between academic and social emotional growth. In most cases they go hand in hand. The successful completion of a project means that the student has engaged in not only meaningful academic learning, but also self-management, collaboration, and self-efficacy work.
Goals and growth are tracked through weekly reports and qualitative action research to monitor waxing and waning intrinsic motivation in our students, and through our celebratory “badge” system. Once a month students are presented with badges that they have earned in academic areas of science, math, and language arts as well as in the characteristics of flexible thinking, resilience, and kindness. 

At Sunnyside Micro-School, we do not use letter grades or other external standards to track progress, as we have found these methods to be counterproductive to the goal of helping students develop intrinsic motivation, curiosity, and academic maturity. 

In place of these external ranking systems, we use individualized, thoughtful methods to document growth as well as any accommodations that are made to account for each student’s strengths and challenges. By enrolling your student in Sunnyside Micro-School, you agree to forego letter grades, high-pressure performance assessments, and other traditionally-used measurements in favor of holistic documentation of student learning.  
Our students spend most lunch recesses outdoors at a local park a few blocks away from our facility. We enjoy making nature crafts, testing our creations on the ramps, ponds, and stairs, and playing games at this beautiful park.
Full time tuition is $1675 per month with 10% discount for siblings also enrolled full time. 
Part time tuition is as follows:

$1475 per month/ 4 days a week
$1200 per month/ 3 days a week 

Our daily schedule is as follows:

Drop off between 8:00 and 8:30 am
Curiosity Hour 8:45 am
Morning Meeting 9:45 am
1st Work Period 10:00 am 
Lunch & Break 11:30 am
2nd Work Period 12:30–3:00 pm
Pick-up 3:00 pm 

In general we follow the holiday and break schedule for Oakland Unified School District.
If you’re in search of a fun, loving, and rewarding learning environment for your gifted or twice-exceptional child, email our founder, Jade Ann Rivera, jade@jadeannrivera.com, to schedule a visit for your child today!
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