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At the Sunnyside Micro-School, we are building a world that values cognitive diversity — a world in which gifted and twice-exceptional children feel safe to demonstrate their skills, knowledge, and values in a personal and meaningful manner.
The Sunnyside Micro-School educationally and emotionally supports gifted and twice-exceptional students as they develop their talents and abilities. We do this in two key ways: Firstly, we provide one-on-one educational coaching in the areas of math and language arts. Secondly, we offer an inclusive and compassionate Maker learning environment that values freedom, choice, and creativity. 
We believe that when freedom and growth are held in equal esteem, gifted and twice-exceptional children thrive.
Sunnyside Micro-School is located in the Lakeshore neighborhood of Oakland, CA. We invite learners to find their best-fit schedule by enrolling for three, four, or five days a week.
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“From start to finish, the Sunnyside model and personalities simply work for our PG/2e son. Our son is happy and eager to go every day! That positive desire is invaluable to us as parents. Speaking of positivity, we value that Sunnyside has a positive, welcoming, accepting, understanding, and compassionate culture that inspires 2e learners and gives them both the framework and the freedom that they need to thrive. For example, our son loves the menu system for each unit, and that design seems to be a good fit for many gifted/2e learners. We also highly value the 1:1 tutoring in math and English language arts blended with the group project-based learning that incorporates design thinking. We also highly value the commitment to and practice of nonviolent communication as well as the responsiveness of the teachers to addressing and working through/around any issues that come up. The "micro" part of the school--i.e., it's small size--helps make all of the above work well, and our son finds that small size comfortable to navigate. I could go on and on. But, bottom line, the teachers get the 2e population in a unique and special way and have created a wonderfully supportive, positive, and inspiring environment for 2e learners! Thank you!!!” 
 Kurt L., father of a 9 year old
“I love the dedication of the teachers and with the small class size they really get to know the students. I love the assignment menus they choose from during the week. Our son is regaining his confidence. At our previous public school I would worry about him all Sunnyside I know he is safe and understood.” 
 Ashley G., mother of a 9 year old
Despite trying various learning environments, I was unable to find an environment that was appropriate for my 2E child. I was hoping that Sunnyside would hit a homerun with her...and it has! I value the one on one math and language arts tutoring, as I think this has helped my child catch up to grade level. However the thing that I value the most is that Sunnyside is willing and able to work on social skills and appropriate social interactions in the school environment. This is priceless. Whereas other teachers got frustrated with my child, Sunnyside actually tries to fix the issue...this is priceless.”
 Kim K., mother of a 9 year old
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